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WOW Jam.

Life is amazing, wonderful and intense. God is good. I’ve had a great week, with lots of interesting things happening. I’m learning a lot and trying to listen to go more often and that in itself is a scary and cool thing.

Saturday was our last WOW Jam in the South Bronx. I didn’t realize it until I arrived, but it was in the same neighborhood documented in a book that changed my life- Amazing Grace: Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation by Jonathan Kozol. This book was a major catalyst in inspiring me to work with children at risk. And so being in the neighborhood, hanging out with the kids and families of this neighborhood was surreal and like a dream come true. I said to my co-workers, “Hey! This is St. Ann’s Ave! Mott Haven!!” and they totally didn’t get it or appreciate my excitement, but hey, whatever. 🙂

During the WOW Jam I took a break and sat down in the back, watching the concert. A couple of little sisters came up to me, ages 5 and 6, and started talking. I took my hat off, revealing my long hair and they oohed and aahed and started to play with it. I thought they would eventually get bored, but they acted like it was the most fun thing they have ever done – they “washed” it, “dryed” it, “curled” it and “braided” it. I suppose they were not used to a white person’s hair, because they mentioned I needed grease.

I thanked them for being awesome hairstylists by pulling them into my lap and giving them a big hug. They squealed with delight and seemed thrilled to be hugged. Both of them sat there for awhile, randomly telling me that their grandmother doesn’t like to watch them. I told them that God is always watching them, He loves to watch them, and they seemed delighted to be told this.

I snapped this picture while they were sitting with me.

God, I love these kids.


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Word to the Father.

So I’m realzing that if I want more people to read this weblog more often, then I need to post more often. Hopefully I will do this during this glorious summer because I definitely have more free time and I really do want to document the amazing and interesting things that I experience in NYC.

Recap of last few weeks:

My team and I wrote a lesson on What Would Jesus Do When He Was Tempted? No idea if the education dept will actually use our lesson, but I really enjoyed the process of writing it.

I went on vacation to Alabama and it was great being able to spend quality time with family and friends.

Ending today, we’re wrapping up our week of WOW Jam – going into different communities and having a block party (free food, prizes, games, hair cuts, etc) with a gospel presentation.

For the next few weeks, until camp, I’ll be working in our Computer department. This is fun because a) the office is airconditioned b) I’m learning new things.

Camp! begins in a few weeks and I’m trying to talk to the parents of the kids going to camp and figure out who can go. I’m hoping for many children from Woodside because Camp! is a great opportunity to experience God’s presence.

Finally, I am learning SO MUCH about myself and life and ministry. I’m happy to be learning, but learning can be pretty intense.

How’s your summer going?

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