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On visitation I stopped by to see a couple of kids that went to camp. S. told me that in the two weeks since camp, every night after dinner she and her brother would go into the livingroom and play “camp” by singing the worship songs they learned. This touched my heart!

The first song is an arrangement of Hillsong United’s “Found”:

So take me to a place
Where I can see you face to face
All I wanna do
All I wanna do
Is worship You

And the second song we sang is an arrangement of the oldy but goody:

Jesus loves me
Jesus loves me
And this I know

I had to break up the videos into three parts because I filmed it on my digital camera.


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Rain Day Parade.

This is my first official video from camp. It’s actually just the highlights of the Rain Day Parade, but the original with all of the cheers was 16 minutes long!

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It’s time again for CAMP! Check out this video about it. I was watching the camp video in the office the other day and while it’s 100% true, it makes it all seem so much more dramatic. It made me cry! Our video department is really talented! It’s also funny and weird to see my leaders and friends on the video, too, since I know them so well.

Miss me while I’m gone. Oh, yeah. And pray for us!

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….let Jenn come in! I’ve been visiting my site for almost TWO YEARS and today was the first time I was invited inside the apartment of one particular family. I was like, “Woah! Awesome!”

The more I’m in children’s ministry the more I realize it’s kind of, sort of more about the parents than the kids. It looks weird if I only talk to the children and never build relationships with the parents. Of course, I’m much more comfortable talking to the kids. Parents can be so intimidating! Yikes! But, I’m learning to get over the intimidation and attitudes and keep trying. I know for now they see me as this White pastor person and try to be all goodie goodie with me, but hopefully soon they will be more real with me.

Inviting me into their home is the first step and I’m thankful for it.

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Maybe I would post more often if my visitors left comments! Hint, hint.

Below is a clip from the Spring when I was making a video for my pastor’s appreciation day. A little fight broke out and it was so funny I kept the camera rolling until I had to break it up.

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