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New Team!

unit 8

Becky from California, Nathalie from France, Lucas from Switzerland, Patty from Mexico, Bronwyn from New Zealand, and me! Our first night out together we went to kareoke for my birthday! It was so much fun!


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Summer is officially over, with the kids going back to school the first week of September, and our Sidewalk Sunday School beginning in just over a week! Our interns arrived last week from around the world and we have been busy training them in how to do Sidewalk Sunday School. It seems to be a like a good group this year, with 48 inters total. On Tuesday (my birthday!) the interns will be added to our team! And, for me as team leader, that is when everything officially begins.

One of the opportunities we have for our sponsorship program is to give bookbags to the kids with school supplies. I had the privilege of giving a few to the kids in my neighborhood. One particular family, featured on my prayer card, has five kids. Three of them received bookbags from their sponsor. When we delievered them, we could see the obvious sign of relief on the face of the mother. It’s expensive to equip five kids for school, and it was a major blessing to her to not have to worry about where she would find money to pay for three of the kids to be ready for school.

It’s a blessing to be a blessing!

*The photo above is S. receiving her bookbag. She is in kindergarten this year and her bookbag is almost as big as her. Her mom told me that whenever they leave the house, she puts the bookbag on her back, even if they are going to the grocery store. 🙂

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