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Inter-unit outing.

My team spent an evening with another team – we went out to dinner and did a fun, but crazy, activity together!


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Quality time.

Today I spent some quality time with a brother and sister pair that is part of our community. I’ll call them M&M. 🙂

Although I’ve known them for a few years now, I haven’t ever spent time with just the three of us alone. I was kind of surprised, honestly, at how delightful they were to hang out with. We ate lunch, worked on creating a Hershey’s Kiss costume for our “Chocolate Week,” made brownies, chilled out, and then attended our church’s Festival of Nations event. M&M were polite and fun to be with.

After our day together was over, my heart kind of ached for them. These are really good kids and if they lived in the suburbs and their mom wasn’t struggling with addiction issues, I believe the trajectory of their lives would be completely different than where it is predicted to be headed now, living in the projects in NYC. I wouldn’t be so concerned about them if they were suburban kids, because they are intelligent and take care of each other.

M&M are just like kids I know in Alabama, kids that will grow up to be “normal” and have their own families and have a good job. But, now M&M live in such chaos, dealing with their own anger and confusion, getting into fights at school, trying to make their own decision as to whether they really want to live for God or not.

My heart ached because I don’t know what their future holds and I worry for them. It’s hard to be a good kid in the ghetto. Your priority can’t always be about “being good,” your priority has to be survival.

So, to be as cheesy, but honest as I can be. I don’t know what the future holds for M&M, but I know who holds the future.

M&M are the future.

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Team work.

A year ago, when my team would mess up on Sidewalk Sunday School and be unfocused and not preaching with passion and the power of God, I would yell at them.

Now, I take them out and buy them Starbucks and speak very calmly.


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