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At my last site on Tuesday I had a new kid attend for the first time. After the program his mom came to me and introduced herself and said it was their first time. They always heard the program from their apartment window and her son had been begging her to take him outside. He’s four years old and it starts at 5pm when it’s already dark outside.

I don’t know why I was surprised to have a first time visitor. But, I had to laugh because the week before I was doing “pre-opening” talking on the microphone and kept saying the following:

“If you can hear my voice and you’re inside, go to your mama and say, “Mama! Take me outside to Yogi Bear!

And I laughed to myself because this four year old actually did what I was telling them to do.

Tonight, I was talking to a mom and she said that her six year old son is SUPER HYPER and can never sit still or be calm, ever. Super ADD. But, she said when he came to our program he sat down on the tarps with his hand in his lap and listened for the whole program. It was such a shock to the mom that she began to cry.

We always say this, but I was reminded it’s true. When you minister to the children, you’re ministering to the entire family. These kids had the power to impact their mom. These kids have the power to change their family, their neighborhood, and the world.


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Worshiping God with creativity.

I’ve been going crazy in Photoshop! I feel inspired!

This is to have succeeded.

Let not your heart be troubled.


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Teen Time.

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Cake fight. It was Thurman's birthday.

It was Thurman’s birthday today, so we celebrated with a large cake. Afterward, we had a cake fight.

I admit, I started it.

They respect/fear/love me too much and didn’t think I would do something like that.

It was fun.

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N. and N. are my workers in training. All of the Sidewalk Sunday School staff have a “worker” who they train how to do SSS and also disciple and mentor. I’ve known these girls for a few years, but only a few months ago did I start to offically disciple them.

I am really amazed at how they are hungry to know God and well, even interested in learning about and knowing God. With some of the other kids and teenagers I’ve been discipling it’s been like pulling teeth to read their Bible. These girls take their Bible to school. They’re like real Christians are something. 🙂

This afternoon we met at a local pizza place and studied God’s word. It was amazing.

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