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Good things about my new life/city/job.

  • Abundance of Chic-Fil-A’s
  • Ikea is 7 miles from my house
  • There’s a Gospel radio station (that doesn’t play lame CCM, but has a Yolanda Adams morning show)
  • People at my work are generally relaxed and stress free (surprising for urban ministry)
  • Super cute apartment in a safe neighborhood
  • Free wi-fi (“borrowed” from a neighbor)
  • I can see myself living here for a long time

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Life update.

For the last couple of weeks I have been tremendously busy. You know, new job, new apartment, new city – those things keep a person occupied. I’m slowly becoming organized, but haven’t been online much to respond to emails and other messages or reading blogs. You are not forgotten!

Today is free, so I’m going to try to have a mini-Sabbath, but also take care of some errands, such as buying groceries now that I finally have kitchen utensils. I’m also going to organize my thoughts and update this blog properly, too. Well, hopefully….Stay tuned!

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My good friend Laura is participating in Cool Breeze Century Bike Ride in Ventura. She’ll ride 100 miles in one day to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Would you consider making a donation so that she can reach her fundraising goal?

Laura shares:

“This event is personally meaningful to me in a number of ways. Most of you know that I had my own battle with cancer in 2002-2003. For me this meant removing a tumor from the bone in my knee, losing a large section of bone, having it replaced with a metal implant, and spending months in physical therapy, learning to walk again. It also meant the loss of many of the activities I had previously loved, like volleyball and snowboarding. But I am grateful that medical technology was at a place where I was able to keep not just my life, but my leg, and to live to discover and participate in new activities and adventures. I am so excited to have this opportunity to train and participate in an event that will allow me to raise money to help and support those who are going through a similar battle to mine, as well as being able to push myself physically and celebrate the healing that has occurred within my own body.”

Check out her page to make a donation: http://pages.teamintraining.org/los/coolbrz08/ldepp

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The Office.

One of the people I’ve met my first week in Camden is this guy named Ryan who goes to Princeton Seminary and intern-ing with us this summer. We were talking about theology and seminary and all and somehow got into The Office and laughed for like a half hour about it. I realized that it’s pretty much impossible for me to be friends with someone who doesn’t like The Office. Whenever I meet a fellow Office lover, it’s like instant BFFs.

Some of the Best of the Office

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For Enneagram Type 5 Investigators like me, I have hit the jackpot with

Yahoo Answers

If I want to know why our AC broke and what to do about it, Yahoo has the answer. If I want to know how to naturally heal my cold sore, Yahoo has the answer!

For inquisitive minds, Yahoo Answers is the best!

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One of my first classes in seminary was Theology of Urban Mission by the awesome Jude Tiersma-Watson. I’ll always remember the first class. She had us write on scraps of paper keywords that we thought of when we thought of the “City” or an urban context. You know what I wrote?


Yeah. Kind of racist and limited-minded of me. Other people wrote things like “Dangerous” or “Pollution” or whatever. Only one student wrote “God.” Jude was like, “Exactly!” and preceded to talk about how the City isn’t devoid of God’s presence, but he’s actually all up in that junk.

God is working in the world and His presence has gone before us in mission and ministry. It is essential to recognize that God is already where we want to go and he is working. The first step is being aware of his presence.

“God is always present, but we are not always present to God. God is no more present in a church than in a drinking bar, but generally, we are more present to God in a church than a bar.” Ronald Rolheister, The Shattered Lantern

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I was going through papers and notebooks from grad school and it reminded me how much missiology energizes me. I seriously geek out at the thought of contextualization, anthropology, cross-cultural communication and mission history and strategy. I LOVE IT. I was also reminded that I am trained as a missiologist. Dude. That makes me feel SMRT.

Over the last few years I haven’t been intentional about feeding this passion for missiology OR actually using the skills I have as a missiologist and this was a good reminder to be more intentional.
In 2003, in one of my Missiological Integration papers, I wrote that upon graduation I wanted to:

“Use my training as a missiologist to form contextualized, culturally relevant and appropriate methods to evangelize children in urban contexts, as well as write books and curriculum to help mobilize and teach others how to minister to inner city children.”

Five years later, this is what I’m doing! I feel blessed.

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