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Santa and Jesus.

Merry Christmas!


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Craft ideas.

featurescarecrow    One of the stores I visit most often is the teacher supply store Lakeshore Learning, It has a lot of     decoration materials and books and learning manipulatives.   It’s fun to shop there and be inspired about   the all potential things I could do with my afterschool program. They also offer FREE CRAFTS FOR   KIDS at  every store  between 11am and 3pm on Saturdays.   And check out their website for  craft ideas.

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Holiday cupcakes.

This year I 0204_ej_frostystarting baking and had a lot of fun with cupcakes. It’s not that hard to jazz up a basic cupcake and this website gives great ideas for Holiday and Seasonal Cupcakes.

Frosty the Cupcake

1. Frost a cooled cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with white icing. 

2. Flatten a large marshmallow on waxed paper with the palm of your hand. Cut a second marshmallow in half horizontally, then stack the halves on the first marshmallow to form a torso and head. 

3. Push a thin pretzel stick down through the snowman (this will help him stand up), then set him on the cupcake. 

4. Use decorators’ gel to create a mouth, eyes, and buttons, then add pretzel stick arms and a wedge cut from an orange slice candy for a nose. 

5. Accessorize with a candy hat (a Junior Mint secured to a Thin Mint with icing) and a fruit leather scarf.

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Yesterday we had the privilege of delivering Christmas presents to the students of our after school program. Local churches sponsored with us to make sure each child got about 3 to 4 presents each! It was so fun to see the excitement in the kids’ eyes when we arrived. Some kids said they would wait until Christmas, but others couldn’t wait!





Little E. (dressed in Spiderman pajamas) was crying when I arrived because he thought we had forgotten him!


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How a seminarian thinks.

I have a fuzzy memory.

Years ago when I was a student a Fuller Seminary my friend Elizabeth and I were talking about u2 and the 6 degrees of separation thing.

Elizabeth: My sister’s friend’s choir teacher is the mother of the woman who married The Edge.

Me: Cool.

Elizabeth: (Surprised that I’m not more excited.)

Me: Do you think you’ll ever want to be ordained and perform weddings? I have some women friends in Australia who are ordained and it’s cool….

Elizabeth: (Laughing) No, the woman didn’t PERFORM the ceremony, she became his wife! You are thinking like a seminarian!

Me: (Finally freaking out) Oh wow!!! That’s so cool!

I’ve always remembered this conversation because I thought it was hilarious that I had immediately assumed that “married” meant officiating, not participating. We all have a lens in which we view the world and mine at that time was seminary. Heh.

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Throughout the year kids can earn “urban dollars” for good behavior, bringing and doing their homework, etc. At the end of the semester they can cash in those “dollars” for a reward. For one of our rewards trips, we went to Friendly’s last Monday night. Friendly’s has a great kids menu – drink, meal, and dessert – for about $7!

We had a lot of fun and were definitely the loudest table in the restaurant. It was great to spend quality time with these kids.




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Jesus changes lives.

My friend’s church did one of those cardboard testimony things in a recent Sunday service. Initially I was skeptical and dismissive because “cardboard testimonies” seem to be the latest cool, hip thing to do. But, then I watched it and immediately was reminded of how powerful it is that JESUS CHANGES LIVES. Like, really. Jesus can change your life. Really.

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