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Oldie, but goodie

“All the things I want to say 
All at once they wash away 
As You walk by, out of mind 
My thoughts fly away 

All the things I long to hear 
Suddenly they reappear 
You say in that hour Your holy Power 
Will wipe away my fears 

I can hear You cry out loud 
When You Answer Me 
When You answer me 
Once again I am revived 
When You answer me You answer 
When You answer me You answer me with love 

To know You are I Am 
Confidence of lion lying with the lamb 
In greener fields, with all my zeal, 
Is hard to comprehend 

(With) love so understanding 
I can hardly catch my breath 
Seeing this I wonder how You have any love left 
(Left) me not alone 
When I did not believe 
Through the darkness, through the darkness You answer me ”

-You Answer Me, Jennifer Knapp-


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Friendly’s has a great and inexpensive children’s menu, so we often find ourselves taking the kids there. We recently celebrated our Martin Luther King Speech contestants with fried food and ice cream. 🙂 It was really great quality time and I got to see more of their personalities emerge in this setting. We talked about Michael Jackson for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes! They love that guy.



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Congratulations to Jedi for winning 3rd place in our annual Martin Luther King Jr Speech Contest. I advised him to pound the podium with his fist and wave his hand in the air to emphasis points (a la Dwight Shrute) and he did!


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There is this movie from the early ’80s starring Barbra Streisand called Yentl in which a Jewish girl disguises herself as a boy to study to be a Rabbi.

Sometimes I feel like Yentl. I listen sermons and read books by great modern theologians like John Piper, Mark Driscoll and D.A. Carson and yet, I know I will never be accepted by them as someone in ministry because I am a woman. They are all complementarian and don’t believe women should lead or teach.

As a person called to leadership and ministry, I find their theology and teaching extremely refreshing and helpful. In a world where so much Christian teaching is shallow and superficial, I love that these men focus on JESUS being the center of teaching and preaching.

Unfortunately, we disagree on one issue – the role of women in life and ministry. Because of this disagreement, I wondered whether I should even expose myself to their teaching. They believe and teach others that me (as a woman, and single, gasp!) being a leader in ministry is not God’s will or plan. This is pretty alienating.

It would be easy for me to treat them the same way, but due to the lack of solid, Biblical teaching in Christendom, I find myself secretly downloading their podcasts and reading their articles online.

They won’t allow women to be pastors, so through the internet I can disguise myself (in a sense, like Yentil did) and study to be a pastor through their teachings.

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Remind me to never take sixteen kids bowling again! Just kidding. However, I had a glimpse of what it must be like to be a parent. Kids asking you, “Can I have a dollar for the video games? PLEASE! Okay, just 50 cents! PLEASE!” And then when it’s time to leave and they still want to play….gee whiz!

We did have fun, though. For some of the kids it was their first time bowling and I love it when they can experience something new. And the bowling alley had the “bumpers” up, so there weren’t any gutter balls and some of the kids actually beat me in their score!


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About two years ago I bought a camcorder and started documenting my life and ministry. I discovered that I loved putting images and music together, I loved editing and creating and communicating a story.

The other night I was watching some of my earliest videos created and realized that a) they were really long and b) although I feel like I have an natural instinct for the craft, these videos aren’t the greatest and I think I’ve actually improved in my skills.

I don’t know what my future holds regarding making videos, but I know that when I make a video I feel God’s pleasure. I know that sounds hokey, but it’s how I feel. I can see myself becoming more involved in documentary type filmmaking because I am most proud of my projects of profiling missionaries and a recent video I made for the ministry with whom I work.

My work has been limited because of the quality of my camera, but I’m upgrading to a professional camcorder this month and excited about taking this “craft” or whatever you want to call it to the next level.

My favorite videos according to category:

Overall – Laundry

Artistic – iPhone

Wedding – Abby and Craig

Destination – Joshua Tree

Random – The Snow Shoveler

Relational – Teen Time

Statement Piece – Televangelist

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“To break with all worldly customs,
to live utterly separate from the spirit of the world,
so that we shall not say, “What is the harm of this and that?”
but to simply have lost all relish for what is not of the Father;
to live as those who truly lay ALL on the altar…
time, strength, possessions,
literally everything we are and have, to live,
not nominally but truly, in unity;
this will cost us something. Are we ready for what it will cost?”

-Amy Carmichael-

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