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With our StreetLeaders, the interns and I spent an evening bowling. It was a lot of fun and hilarious to watch people try to sabotage each other’s games.

All together now...

Richard is trying to sabatoge the girls.Sabatoge

Ashley, Beth, Molly, Sophie, Tori and Me

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The Christian sports ministry called Push the Rock came to visit us this week – running field games and a basketball clinic. The coaches worked really well with the kids and everyone had a great time.  Seeing the kids have to run and be athletic was really good for them.  Maybe it’s not just an urban kid thing, maybe a general childhood problem these days, but our kids spend a lot of time inside playing video games or watching television.  And in Camden, there aren’t a lot of safe, open fields or playground in which to play.  So, I’m really glad the kids had a chance to be active!

At the end of the day when it was all finished, some of the first graders asked me, “So when are we going to push the rock?” 🙂




Push the Rock

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Sorry for the absence of posts. This summer has been intense! I’ll be updating soon, but in the mean time….

Want to help buy an inflatable waterslide for our camp? I sort of already bought one in “faith” (hilarious, considering our camp is called Camp Faith) hoping the money would come in – the kids LOVE it.

You are appreciated!

Our water slide!

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On Friday evenings we have staff night out with our summer interns.  Last night we went out for delicious (and cheap) Puerto Rican food and then to check out some awesome graffiti.  I have a great group of interns this summer and it was a fun evening!



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