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Oprah interviews Jay-Z

Interesting article on Jay-Z, my Brooklyn boy.

Sitting on this stoop, it’s stunning to think about how far Jay-Z has come. Not only is he an entirely self-made man, he’s found his great success doing exactly what he loves. He is thoughtful and intelligent, a reader and a seeker. And in between telling me how he survived life on the streets, how a scolding from his mother helped him fall in love, and even how he and BeyoncĂ© managed to keep their wedding small and private, he explains why he cares so much about connecting with kids who remind him of him—kids he hopes will point to his photo and say, “I can make it, too.”

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One of my goals for the year is to introduce the kids to experiences they wouldn’t normally have in Camden. So on Friday afternoon we went hiking! We checked out Rancocas State Park and the Rancocas Nature Center in Mount Holly, NJ. The kids had fun running through the forest and playing with sticks and leaves. It was nice to get out of the city, too!

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Top 60 Ghetto Names

This has been floating around the internet for awhile, but my friends Craig and Abby showed it to me in Northern Ireland.

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European Vacation

I’m back from Europe and during my travels took over 1,000 photos and many hours of video. Since it will probably take me a few weeks to process through those, I made a couple of one minute videos to recap my vacation. Enjoy!

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