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FYI – I’m taking a sabbatical from urban children’s ministry. Maybe it’ll be for 6 months or maybe it will be forever. The jury has not decided.

The last seven to eight years I have had the privilege of doing something that I absolutely loved. Working in urban ministry was my dream job. I met amazing people, matured and grew as a leader, had profound, life changing experiences, was able to live and travel all over the world. But, six months ago I woke up and felt restless. The feeling continued and intensified and I decided it was time to re-evaluate.

So, I quit my job and left my very full and rich life in Camden, to take a few months to process. I’m excited about the projects I’ll be working on in the next few months, and I’ll be updating Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep in touch.

It’s been real. Thanks for being with my on the journey!



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