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Kids on YouTube

Sometimes kids are the funniest people on the internet. Check out the following videos:

Stop playing with me:


David after the dentist:


And my favorite kid on the internet – Capucine



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I was talking to my brother the other day about how some Christians we know make us NOT want to be Christians. We had such a bad experience with them that there is no way we’d want to serve or know the God they do. Thankfully, we experienced Jesus for ourselves and the hypocrites and bad examples don’t affect us as much as they could.

Many of the parents of the kids at our camp have told me how much their child loves our camp, how they talk about it all the time at home. The kids tell their parents we’re so nice and they feel loved at our camp.

You know, a lot of people have bad experiences with Christians and they grow up to be bitter and hate God and the church. But, our kids won’t be like that. Their first experience with people who call themselves Christians were with people who loved them, who were nice to them, who valued them. Because all of this love is in the name of Jesus and the kids know that. And to me, this is priceless.

There might not have been a lot of “decisions for Christ” this summer, but a foundation was laid that is more important than a kid saying some prayer they’ll forget they prayed. Our kids experienced the love of God through our love and kindness and acceptance. They experienced real Christians.

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