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FYI – I’m taking a sabbatical from urban children’s ministry. Maybe it’ll be for 6 months or maybe it will be forever. The jury has not decided.

The last seven to eight years I have had the privilege of doing something that I absolutely loved. Working in urban ministry was my dream job. I met amazing people, matured and grew as a leader, had profound, life changing experiences, was able to live and travel all over the world. But, six months ago I woke up and felt restless. The feeling continued and intensified and I decided it was time to re-evaluate.

So, I quit my job and left my very full and rich life in Camden, to take a few months to process. I’m excited about the projects I’ll be working on in the next few months, and I’ll be updating Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep in touch.

It’s been real. Thanks for being with my on the journey!



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Favorite kid

My favorite summer kid and me.

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but I do. I have categorized my favorites. This is me and my favorite summer camp 4th grade boy. Eh, no, he’s probably my favorite summer kid. So funny, smart and thoughtful. I can’t wait to see what kind of man he grows up to be!

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Sorry for the absence of posts. This summer has been intense! I’ll be updating soon, but in the mean time….

Want to help buy an inflatable waterslide for our camp? I sort of already bought one in “faith” (hilarious, considering our camp is called Camp Faith) hoping the money would come in – the kids LOVE it.

You are appreciated!

Our water slide!

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When you’re on vacation, do you still answer phone calls and/or reply to emails that are ministry related?

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I don’t normally rant about pet peeves, but I have to make a statement about the following:

I really dislike pretentious people.

Even more so when the person is equal to me in age, education and experience!

In my position as an after school program director I have often experiened condescension from others.  There isn’t a lot of “respect” that comes with my position, for whatever reason.  I’ve gotten the impression from others that they assume I’m uneducated, inexperienced and that anyone could do my job because I’m babysitting.  People have talked down to me and tried to walk over me.   Even from those also serving in urban ministry I’ve encountered people who act like they are super important and their work is more worthy and valuable than mine.  They’re all – “I’m Ms. or Mr. Big Shot and uh….who are you??!”


Cliche, but it’s what I have to ask myself when I experience this discrimination. When encountering pretentious people I want to raise my eyebrows and be like, “Uh, really?!” and put them in their place and elevate myself.

But, Jesus was the suffering servant of humanity, and the godly response to these pretentious people is to….let.it.go. I smile and nod and let them think whatever they want to think about me and my position and department.  A) Because I know they just don’t “get” it and B) As cliche as it is to say, it’s true – God is the one who defends us and he’s a better fighter than I’ll ever be.

It’s still really, really difficult for me, though.  I have a low, low tolerance for pretentiousness.

How do you deal with pretentious people?

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Happy Birthday Craig!

I am horrible at remembering birthdays, but my friend Craig is really good at it and celebrating people. And since I have no money for a gift, I’m going to gush about him on the internet as my present. All Praises to Craig!

Today is Craig’s birthday! When we met while working in NYC in 2005 we quickly became friends. He married a super star named Abby last year and then several months later moved back to his home country of Northern Ireland.

Craig is someone that I put on a pedestal. I know he’s not perfect, but he’s such an exceptional person. EVERYBODY loves him. He’s super smart and he’s one of the few guys I know that acts like a man! He takes initiative, leadership and responsibility. And he’s a faithful friend – supportive, encouraging and loyal.

He’s in a new season of his life and I can’t wait to see where God leads him and Abby!

Since he is a good friend and TOTAL EXTROVERT we have made several videos together:

An Evening with Craig and Abby

When Craig and I made our staff beg for money in Manhattan

Craig’s ministry profile video

Craig reminds me I’m looking for an educated, white man

Craig and Abby’s engagement session
Craig and Abby’s wedding

Happy Birthday Craig! Hope you have a great day!

(Craig and his bride on their honeymoon in Italy!)

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I attend an awesome church called Vineyard Community Church – West Philly. In previous posts I have written about how it’s my church soul mate and have given reasons why I like it.  

 They just upgraded their website and it’s great.  It even has access to recent sermons from our pastors Brad and Becca.  

Even though I’ve been in full time ministry for almost six years, in the last year I have been really turned off by “church” in general and just didn’t want to go anymore because I couldn’t handle the “churchy-ness.”  But, then I attended more liberal congregations and was dissatisfied because of orthodoxy issues.  I feel like VCC is a good balance for me.  Not overly church-y or preach-y, but still very Biblical and striving for integrity.  

If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, check it out and say hi to me!  I usually sit on the second row because I am super ADD and wouldn’t pay attention otherwise. 🙂

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