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Although Camden hasn’t always held the top spot, for 2009 we’re back to being #1 in the nation for being the most dangerous city in America. Check out the article here.

My hometown of Birmingham was 6th and surprisingly New York City was 296th!

Camden is a city of potential. But I’m not surprised it’s considered the most dangerous. Why? Because it’s also the nation’s most poverty stricken city. And can we also mention the history of corruption of city officials? The last three Camden mayors are in jail for corruption charges. Interesting!

Corruption + Poverty = Danger


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This picture was taken from a book that I made in kindergarten – 25 years ago! The page was asking “I would wish for…” For myself, I wished for “Barbie stuff,” for my parents I wished for “a new house.” And for everybody, I said, “I wish that poor people could have money.”

In kindergarten I remember watching television shows about the famine in Africa.  It was the era of “We are the World”  and when I saw the pictures of starving, bloated African children, I remember thinking I had the answer.  I thought we could solve world hunger by sending Happy Meals over to Ethiopia!  Surely, that would solve the problem! And for many years, I continued to think this was a great solution to ending hunger in the world. 🙂

My 5 year old mind could not comprehend that one meal would not stop months and years of starvation, but I was concerned and wanted a solution. I’m glad my mom kept that book all these years, because it’s so cool to see that from a young age I had a concern for the poor. And it’s crazy that 25 years later I’m passionate about and have dedicated my life to social justice and poverty issues.

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How rich are you?

I’m in the top 10% of the richest people in the world. Doesn’t feel like that, but this website – Global Rich List helps put things in perspective!

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