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European Vacation

I’m back from Europe and during my travels took over 1,000 photos and many hours of video. Since it will probably take me a few weeks to process through those, I made a couple of one minute videos to recap my vacation. Enjoy!


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Greetings from Washington, DC

We had a GREAT time visiting Washington, DC this week with some of our 4th grade girls. It was an action packed three days.

On Monday our surprise activity was visiting Adventure Park USA where we got to ride a roller coaster, go karts and play games. We went out to dinner at CiCi’s Pizza and tried macaroni and cheese pizza.


At the end of the day we went swimming in the hotel pool and enjoyed the jacuzzi (and learned how to spell the word jacuzzi, heh).

Tuesday we visited the National Zoo


and spent a lot of time on the Metro and walking around the city. Thankfully, the rain held back and we were able to check out the White House.

At Obama's house

In the evening we visited our intern Molly’s family in Fairfax, Virginia. They hosted us for a lovely dinner. The girls made themselves right at home!


Later that night, after more swimming at the hotel, we went Midnight Monumenting. This tradition involves visiting the Washington, DC monuments in the evening. It was so much fun because the monuments weren’t teeming with tourists, and we got to talk to interesting park rangers and learn more about history!

We visited the Capitol Building, Vietnam Memorial, and the Washington Monument. At the Lincoln Memorial the girls stood in the same place Martin Luther King, Jr stood while giving his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The security guards also told us about all the celebrities who have visited the monument.


And finally, on Wednesday morning we went out to breakfast, went shopping for souveniers, and visited the American History Museum where we got to see historical artifacts like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz’s ruby slippers and learned about Frances Scott Key and helped to make an American flag in an interactive workshop. In the evening we drove back to Camden and the girls were FINALLY tired!

Throughout the trip the girls were constantly saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” for this opportunity. The girls were able to have brand new experiences and there was a great spirit of love and unity within our group. I know it was a trip none of us will forget. Thanks to you who made it possible with your financial support and prayers!

Today we’re going camping with the 4th grade boys! Check back for more updates and photos!

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Today our Spring Break trip begins with a three day visit to Washington, DC with our fourth grade girls! Thanks to all of you who donated money! We’ll be visiting the National Zoo, the White House, Capital Building and a couple of museums. Should be a lot of fun!

Pray for us, please!

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China Reunion.

This weekend my friends Tracy and Kelly came to visit. I haven’t seen them in six years, which seems like a ridiculously long time. Can we all agree that time passes faster than we ever realize?

We were teammates together in China. And even though it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, that common experience of living and teaching together for a year in Beijing is something that will always bind us together. When they arrived Friday afternoon, it was if I saw them yesterday! We talked about how proud of China we were with the great job they did hosting the Olympics. It was funny that we all felt like Beijing and the Olympics was our little sister going for a big job interview and we were nervous, but knew she’d do a great job because she’s so smart and hardworking.

The three of us looked at old photos and laughed about memories both good and bad. While I feel that the essence of me was the same, I also feel like the person I was in China isn’t the person I am now. When I lived in China I was 21 and now I’m 30. Our 20s are pretty formative years and back in China I thought I knew everything and now I realize I don’t know anything.

I’m thankful to catch up with my China friends and thankful for the reminder that I had the incredible opportunity to live and work in Beijing, China for a year.

Tiananmen Square, yo.My 1st grade class.

The Great Wall of ChinaTemple of Heaven.

* These photos were taken in the days before digital cameras, so they are scanned from developed photos….and I guess I sized them super small to post on my Geocities/Angelfire page. Heh.

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