I thought the kids were pretty creative in their attempt to find shade on a hot day. 🙂


Summer staff 2010

My summer staff – StreetLeaders and Interns (minus a few). We got along really well! There’s a great wall of graffiti near the skating rink and Camden and it’s tradition to have our staff group photo taken there.

Promise got his head stapled!

My intern from Malawi named Promise was playing a game with the kids and slipped and hit his head against a steel rod (a dunk tank, actually). He had to get his head stapled! Scary, but also kind of funny.

Watch a video of him in the emergency room here.

Summer interns 2010
Summer interns, 2010 (minus Natalie from Cali who was sick)

Promise (Malawi), Kyle (San Diego), Doreen (Malawi), Shayna (Canada), Rachel (Mississippi), Ashley (South Jersey)

This was the best group of interns I’ve ever worked with in Camden. Great initiative, good attitudes, responsible, fun to hang out with. It was a good summer!

Favorite kid

My favorite summer kid and me.

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but I do. I have categorized my favorites. This is me and my favorite summer camp 4th grade boy. Eh, no, he’s probably my favorite summer kid. So funny, smart and thoughtful. I can’t wait to see what kind of man he grows up to be!

It’s been so long since I updated this website that I forgot the password when logging on!

The last few months have been very, very busy, but I hope to make this website more of a priority in the coming days, weeks and months. Let me know what you’d like to hear about and if there are any people still reading! Thanks!

I have really neglected this website. I haven’t been super busy, just focusing on other things. Here’s what we’ve been doing in urban children’s ministry during the last three months:



We had two major snowstorms, getting something like 20″ one week and then another 15″ inches the next week. There was heaps of snow around Camden and the streets were extremely difficult to drive upon. We had several dozen snow fights and used a snow mound as a ski slope. I found some sleds in the basement and the kids had fun sledding!

Watch the video here.




We had our annual Martin Luther King Jr speech competition. Kids in 3rd-9th grade wrote speeches about civil rights leaders that they admired. Staff members coach the kids and help them with their speeches. I coached three boys and two of them earned 1st and 2nd place! I was shocked my third boy didn’t get a place (he’s the one in the picture with his hands extended as if to say “Oh well!”). It was fun and the kids wrote some hilarious and slightly offensive things. 🙂

Watch the video here.


My staff and I had a sleepover on campus. Well, it was more of an all nighter since we didn’t go to sleep until 5am. We played an almost two hour game of hide and seek that was hilarious. Great time of bonding with my high school staff!


Five of my kids went with the president of our ministry to speak at a church. I was really proud of them. Future leaders of America!