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Right now I’m chatting on AOL with one of my teenagers. She calls me “Jin.” And she’s asking me what I want for Christmas. I’m learning new chat-etique/code.

jk – joking

idk – i don’t know

w.e – whatever

Some of my teens totally open their hearts up to me while we are chatting. It’s interesting.


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Strong Opinions.

I think it’s funny that the kids have such strong opinions about my personal choices, mostly concerning my appearance. I recently dyed my hair a dark auburn and of course I was besieged with, “You dyed your hair?! It’s so dark….” as if I had to get their approval first before I made any changes. And of course there are always comments on my clothes and shoes, and they love pointing out if I have any acne.

With all their opinions, though, I don’t feel any judgement with them, as I would if someone my age took such liberty in letting me know what they think of me. With the kids, it feels purely observational.

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Yesterday afternoon I took the winners of the Movie Ticket Raffle to a local theater to see the film Happy Feet. It was a lot of fun becuase a mom and sister joined us, along with a few kids who didn’t win free tickets, but paid for themselves, so there was about fifteen of us.

I sat next to an adorable four year old who throughout the film kept “rapping” –

“Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge…”

A four year old rapping one of the first rap songs ever, Grand Master Flash’s “The Message.” It’s actually kind of appropriate because the song is pretty much about living in the ghetto, which this little girl does.

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