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We won!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s means nothing to those not involved in our ministry, but winning the golden crate is a big deal. We got the crate! It was all thanks to our StreetLeaders for writing the song and helping the kids learn it and to our interns for spending hours on the mascot and decoration! Great team work!

When we found out we won, we screamed, jumping up and down and hugging each other, for 15 minutes. 🙂

We got the crate!

Me and my 1st Golden Crate!


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All Camp Day

A quick look at All Camp Day. It’s an intense day!

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Camp Faith on All Camp Day

All Camp Day


All Camp Day is the most important day of the summer. All seven summer camps in our ministry join together for a day of competition, songs, games and Bible lesson. Each camp dresses up in their camp color, we have a camp mascot and vehicle, and camp song. It’s very competitive and winning the “Golden Crate” (a basket full of candy) gives you bragging rights for an entire year. This year our mascot was Captain Crunch, the kids dressed up as pirates and our camp song was soooo good.

“We just havin’ a good time,
The devil tryin’ ruin it,
Shout out to to the fact that we the
youngest camp doin’ it!”

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Finding shade.

I thought the kids were pretty creative in their attempt to find shade on a hot day. 🙂

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Summer staff 2010

My summer staff – StreetLeaders and Interns (minus a few). We got along really well! There’s a great wall of graffiti near the skating rink and Camden and it’s tradition to have our staff group photo taken there.

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Promise got his head stapled!

My intern from Malawi named Promise was playing a game with the kids and slipped and hit his head against a steel rod (a dunk tank, actually). He had to get his head stapled! Scary, but also kind of funny.

Watch a video of him in the emergency room here.

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Summer Interns ’10

Summer interns 2010
Summer interns, 2010 (minus Natalie from Cali who was sick)

Promise (Malawi), Kyle (San Diego), Doreen (Malawi), Shayna (Canada), Rachel (Mississippi), Ashley (South Jersey)

This was the best group of interns I’ve ever worked with in Camden. Great initiative, good attitudes, responsible, fun to hang out with. It was a good summer!

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