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Visit to Yogi Bear.

Yogi Bear at Woodside.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Queens, NYC – Patty and Bronwyn

These ladies work hard !!! I don’t know how I ever did it! Wow! It was so nice to catch up with my old teammates. They’re still as awesome as ever.


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Jesus Loves Me.

This is is Hillsong Kids updated version of Jesus Loves Me. I really like it, although I prefer the arrangement that Craig made for last year’s Camp X-treme with vocals by the awesome Brooke Smith. I wish I had recorded it!

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The future.

So, I’ve been thinking about my future. It’s wide open. A fresh start. What career path should I take?

Here are some potential options:

* Career counselor
* Diversity manager/trainer
* Editor / art director (web sites)
* Writer
* Mediator / conflict resolver
* Event Coordinator
* Teacher
* Childcare worker
* AM Radio Talk Show Host

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Ending well.

Today is my last day of work. The last few days at a job are probably the most excruciating. You’re ready to go, but there are all of these emotions swirling. I’ve always heard that you’ll be remembered for how you begin and how you end. I feel like I’m ending this chapter of my life as well as I can, but it’s so difficult to do that. You know, I’m tempted to not do things or be completely responsible because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Hey, what are they going to do? Fire me? I’m leaving anyway. HAHAHAHA.”

I know that leaving DC is the right decision, but I am really going to miss the kids that I had the privilege of getting to know. When I told some of them that I was leaving, I’ll never forget the look of pure shock on their faces and how their countenance changed. Dude. It’s tough and well, that’s all I got to say about that.

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Please answer!

Do you think there is such a thing as having too much integrity? Should you always deal with every situation with radical integrity or should you just let things go sometimes?

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My teen staff. (1)

Today is the last day of programs for the kids (although tomorrow and Friday we’re still working), so I wanted to give a shout out to my teen staff. They are all really quality people, but they are still TEENAGERS and drive me crazy sometimes. I’ll miss them!

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People don’t believe me, but I’m kind of over this whole “Will I get married? To who?” thing. It doesn’t really dominate my thoughts anymore like it did years ago. I don’t know if I’ve given up hope or what, but I just generally feel like “Eh.”

I haven’t always felt this way, though. I have read alot of books about singleness and listened to alot of sermons on marriage and all that. I thought I had heard it all – the variety of perspectives and philosophies.

Tonight I came across this sermon by Mike Bullmore, pastor of Crossway Community Church, on To Marry or Not to Marry: Singleness and the Glory of God.

I can honestly say it’s probably the best sermon I’ve ever heard if you’re contemplating whether marriage is for you or not. It’s worth a listen if you’re single and wondering what’s happening with that.

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